Trace One, Boston, Mass., formed a strategic partnership with BRC Global Standards, Chicago. Combining BRC Global Standards’ 26,000-plus customers, including suppliers, retailers, certification bodies and auditors from 130 countries, with Trace One’s 20,000-plus customer base will create what is said to be one of the largest retail collaborative networks in the world.

This partnership leverages Trace One’s 16-plus years of private label expertise with BRC Global Standards’ experience in global supply chain assurance, enabling the delivery of industry leading solutions and significant speed-to-market benefits. In addition, combining the power of both established networks into one platform will allow customers to take advantage of identifying trusted partners and products, conducting audits, centralizing and sharing key documentation and managing compliance and risk.

“BRC Global Standards is a highly trusted brand, and we are proud to evolve our relationship into a strategic partnership,” said Christophe Vanackere, chief executive officer of Trace One. “Trace One customers will benefit from an increased network of potential trusted partners as well as new solution capabilities in the areas of auditing and compliance.”

BRC Global Standards customers will have access to a solution designed to improve compliance, conduct supplier approvals, execute mobile audits and manage risk.

“As part of our growth strategy, we want to provide our customers with market-leading solutions across the supply chain,” says Mark Proctor, chief executive officer of BRC Global Standards. “Partnering with Trace One enables us to provide a platform that our global customers can use to manage compliance and protect their brands. Through Trace One, we can offer our customers an enhanced service that will significantly help to understand the supply chain. The insight and data collection across multiple sources will be a real step forward.”