Crowley Logistics, Jacksonville, Fla., opened its second CrowleyFresh cold storage facility in Jacksonville. This strategically positioned warehouse further expands the company’s cold chain services from South Florida into Northeast Florida, providing another gateway in the Southeast.

The newly renovated facility features humidity and temperature-controlled coolers capable of receiving, storing and otherwise handling perishables transiting between the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean, with a host of other value-added services, including export processing. It’s uniquely suited as an in-transit consolidation/deconsolidation point for customers with fully perishable loads, or for those looking to combine perishable and dry loads together. The facility is also situated to support customers utilizing the company’s LNG-powered combination container/roll-on roll-off (ConRo) ships between Jacksonville and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

“This second cold storage facility in Florida represents the latest in a series of service enhancements designed to increase the velocity of our customers’ supply chains, decrease total landed costs and offer seamless and reliable collaboration among the varying components of transport,” says Frank Larkin, senior vice president and general manager, logistics and commercial services. “Our cold chain experts can develop quality solutions utilizing this new facility for shippers who have full loads of perishables or for those who want to combine smaller loads to create economies of scale.”

The facility features high-tech cooling and monitoring equipment in two separate chambers, which can be adjusted to meet and maintain varying temperature requirements for frozen goods, temporary or overflow storage. Cooler chambers are all tightly sealed and insulated to maintain food safety and avoid cross-contamination within a controlled receiving dock area. Customers can also capitalize on the dry side of the warehouse, which offers over 100,000 square feet of storage space for cargo supplies and non-refrigerated materials.

CrowleyFresh is a partnership between Crowley Logistics and Customized Brokers, Miami, Fla., that bundles individual cold chain storage and logistics offerings into one comprehensive solution.