Velvet Ice Cream, Utica, Ohio, introduced new flavors to its lineup of premium ice cream offerings.

For example, Banana Cream Pie, inspired by nostalgia-infused, state fair pie-baking contests, is made from creamy banana ice cream with swirls of meringue and pieces of flaky pie crust.

Kentucky Praline Pecan starts with praline ice cream, swirled with caramel sauce and studded with candied pecans.

Salty Caramel boasts salty-sweet caramel ice cream and ribbons of thick, salted caramel.

The Chocolate Chip flavor features Velvet’s classic vanilla ice cream blended with decadent chocolate chips.

Campfire S’mores blends toasted marshmallow ice cream with chunks of rich chocolate and graham crackers.

Strawberry Cheesecake consists of creamy cheesecake ice cream blended with sweet strawberry preserves and bits of graham cracker crust.

The new Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor, only available in pints, blends creamy, slightly salty peanut butter with rich chocolate ice cream.