KHS GmbH, Germany, presented the Innopouch Bartelt K series pouching machine.

Available in fill-and-seal and form-fill-seal variants for pouch production and filling, the horizontal, cyclic packaging system makes stand-up, flat and bottom gusset pouches from film laminate. It can run in both simplex (one pouch per machine cycle) and duplex (two pouches per machine cycle) operation.

The Innopouch K-400 changes formats at the press of a button using linear servo technology, and  produces up to 150 pouches per minute in duplex operation, measuring between 100-380 millimeters in height and 100-400 millimeters in width.

The standard version of the machine boasts four filling stations. The dosing systems are selected according to the product to be filled, with volumetric systems, such as auger fillers, table feeders and sliding gate fillers and gravimetric systems like multi-head weighers, as options.

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