Pregis, Deerfield, Ill., introduced a new versatile paper void fill system for high-volume operations.

The feature-rich Easypack Quantum XTW offers high productivity, ease-of-use, safety, superior ergonomics, paper-loading ease and flexible design.

The latest addition to the Quantum line uses 29.5-inch-wide bundles of fan-folded, 100% recycled kraft paper to produce compressed paper used for void fill. Patent-pending paper bands package the bundles, enabling for easy opening and facilitating “daisy chaining” from one to another. Further, there is minimal secondary packaging to dispose.

The unit can also accommodate an optional magazine, which holds up to six bundles of 29.5-inch-wide fan-folded paper, creating 500 cubic feet of consistent void fill packaging.

Further, operators can load a 30-pound paper bundle in a matter of seconds. Plus, the bladeless machine offers safety benefits and eliminates paper jams.