Schneiders, Canada, is undergoing comprehensive packaging changes to leverage “old world” methods like traditional hardwood smoking and original recipe formulations.

Drawing from 128-year-old recipes and using only its premium cuts of meat, Schneiders renovated its product portfolio with elevated artisanal flavors.

“As Canadians, we love our food. We love to connect with friends over flavorful dishes,” says Adam Grogan, senior vice president, marketing and innovation. “Schneiders is the perfect brand for people who love to share incredible food with others and savor indulgent meats, knowing that they’ve been crafted with all the time required to make them just right.”

To signal its commitment to making food better than ever and deliver on its brand promise, Schneiders established a culinary panel of experts, including 14 respected Canadian restauranteurs, chefs and food critics, who conducted blind taste tests of more than 100 Schneiders’ products over nearly a year-long period. This panel of experts provided their perspective on a full set of sensory attributes (appearance, smell, texture and taste) of Schneiders products in comparison with artisanal competitors. Panelists also provided their opinion on what could be improved in the products they sampled to ensure they lived up to the high quality and taste standards established for the Schneiders brand.

Schneiders features new distinct packaging with food photography, celebrates the recently redesigned iconic “Dutch girl” logo and is anchored in the midnight blue that the brand is known for.

“Our team has worked extraordinarily hard to make Schneiders meats better than ever – juicier, smokier, spicier – whatever the original recipe warrants,” says D’Arcy Finley, vice president, integrated marketing. “To honor that authenticity and the provenance of these premium products, we wanted our marketing campaign to be as genuine as possible. The creative team traveled to Schneiders facilities to see firsthand how the food is made. Whether it’s hand-rolling salamis or slow-smoking bacon, our craftsmanship credentials are worth celebrating. This hard work is reflected in how we are marketing the brand.”

Schneiders’ renovated products can be found in grocery stores throughout Canada.