Motorleaf, Canada, closed its recent financing round to the tune of $2.85 million round of financing, comprised of Radicle Growth, San Diego, Calif.; Desjardins Capital, Canada; Real Ventures, Canada; Fluxunit, Germany; and BDC Capital, Canada.

Motorleaf’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology is said to revolutionize greenhouse growers' crop planning, achieving major productivity gains and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Motorleaf develops yield-predicting algorithms and indoor growth sensors that monitor plant growing conditions, so greenhouse vegetable and tomato producers can make better business decisions and reduce costs and water consumption.

"We're ready to distribute our technology, so farmers can meet their fullest potential and acquire an innovative cost-cutting tool within the controlled-environment agriculture sector," says Alastair Monk, co-founder and CEO of Motorleaf.

Farmers can now adopt this technology with a small addition of Motorleaf equipment, but without the need for dramatic changes to their greenhouse infrastructure.

"Better yield prediction is only the beginning for Motorleaf's added value to this sector," says Monk. "We're ultimately producing dynamic grower protocols, which help manage everything from light and nutrients to predicting greenhouse diseases before they happen and optimized growing conditions that increase return on investment – all based on real-time data."