Emerson, St. Louis, Mo., engineered a new suite of products under the Vilter name, designed to help reduce ammonia in the cold storage space.

New products include:

  • The MRU solution, available later in 2018, has several available configurations, including cascade, pumped secondary and direct expansion. The MRU solution also acts as a turnkey solution, reducing installation time in new cold storage distribution centers or retrofits for existing centers.
  • The 143-millimeter, single-screw compressor is the high-stage component of the MRU CO2/NH3 cascade system. It’s designed for use with efficient variable-speed controls.
  • The 550 series of high-pressure reciprocating compressor units are designed for use mostly in CO2 cascade systems.
  • The MicroVission controller is a scalable addition to the Vission 20/20 product line and can be used with any Vilter reciprocating compressor.

Vilter also developed a test bed that allows for compressor testing up to 1350 psig.