Canadian entrepreneurs, including Jonathon Karelse, co-founder of NorthFind Partners, Canada, launched Nature Pressed Juicery (NPJ), what is said to be the first fully-customized, organic cold-pressed juicery in the Vancouver, Canada, area.

"Nature Pressed Juicery is an exciting venture started by a group of epicurean friends who have a passion for health and nutrition and who have a particular passion for how juice cleanses can provide health improvements such as higher energy and a clearer mind," says Karelse.

NPJ’s team includes a registered dietician and a microbiologist, who work together to customize juice cleanses available online and through area retailers.

"I have a passion for health and wellness, and this is something I want to share with my local community," Karelse says. "Nature Pressed Juicery is an exciting addition to our community as an employer and as a healthy living option."