Evolution Fresh, Seattle, Wash., previewed its 2018 innovations, which include six new organic smoothies that combine cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juice with probiotics, coconutmilk and other functional ingredients.

“We know a growing number of people are looking for more from their juice,” says Ryan Ziegelmann, president. “With our expansion into functional beverages, we are putting 24 years of experience to work to authentically expand what cold-pressed, high-pressure processed juice can deliver. Our new functional smoothies combine our cold-pressed juices with ingredients with functional benefits like probiotics, fiber and plant-based protein.”

The new organic Daily Probiotic Smoothies combine a coconutmilk base with juice from cold-pressed fruits and vegetables and a day’s worth of probiotics (1 billion CFUs). They come in the following varieties:

Organic Date-licious Greens: A balance of green vegetables with whole leaf spinach and kale and sweet citrus notes.

Organic Banana Date: Sweet banana with creamy vanilla notes and the brightness of citrus.

Organic Mango Chai: Ripe mango complemented with a blend of cinnamon, cardamom and spices from brewed Chai.


The Evolution Fresh Complete Probiotic Smoothie line features three new organic smoothies, each crafted to offer “7 Benefits to Help You Thrive,” including prebiotics and live probiotics, immune health support, digestive health support, protein utilization support, energy, nutrition and plant-based ingredients. They are available in the following varieties:

Organic Greens: Sweet and savory green vegetables rounded with a blend of orange, apple and pineapple.

Organic Strawberry: Sweet and tart strawberries.

Organic Banana: A balance of classic ripe banana, creamy vanilla and a citrus twist.

Evolution Fresh also announced a commitment to offer 100% organic products by 2019.