Proseal, UK, launched the Proseal TTe, a small, compact and robust tray sealer ideal for low-volume production and production trials.

The TTe was developed specifically to assist the progression of safe food packaging and shelf-life extension to underdeveloped countries where packaging is overused and underutilized.

The Proseal TTe is capable of sealing up to 10 vacuum/gas packs per minute with a 2-impression tool.

Simple in design and operation, fully portable and castor-mounted, the TTe features a 5-minute tool changeover, a simple and accurate film-feed system with an easy film route and an Auto-Tool function that at the touch of a button, automatically locates and connects the tooling to machine functions, including all MAP functions.

The machine also provides accurate temperature and seal pressure control, as well as an automatic seal operation with a precise seal dwell time.

The TTe tray sealer offers exact temperature and seal pressure control, and a high-accuracy tool alignment system that provides a consistent sealing or film-cutting relationship with the tray flange profile.

The TTe comes equipped with a food industry-approved hygienic construction and washdown protection, as well as full Category 3 guarding.

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