Unifiller Systems, a global leader in cake production equipment, is pleased to announce the Cake Stacker module designed by Apex Motion Control, exclusively distributed by Unifiller Systems.

The Cake Stacker is a module addition to Unifiller’s automated cake icing systems for round and sheet layer cakes; and is used to automatically assemble layer cakes following a unique Unifiller Servo midfill system and  before the cakes are conveyed for top and side icing and decorating.

The bakery industry is currently facing a shortage of skilled labor due to the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and due to long term factors such as an aging workforce, fewer people entering the trade, and a lack of trained candidates. This makes the Cake Stacker a perfect addition for bakery plants looking for cake automation, by streamlining labor further.

Ideal for an industrial bakery with volume cake production, the Cake Stacker can stack up to 30 individual cake layers a minute for round, quarter and half-sheet cakes. Typical cake production is usually for two- to four-layer cakes.

According to Andy Sigrist, Special Projects Consultant, “Assuming a production rate of 10 cakes per minute, two people would normally be required for manual cake layer stacking in a high production facility. The Cake Stacker reduces labor to one person responsible only for final adjustment of already assembled cakes. This reduces the labor requirement by one person and reduces the skill level required. Payback period for such a system is expected to be less than two years.”

Key customers, who have typically purchased the Cake Stacker as a component of their overall cake icing line from Unifiller, have been able to reduce staff and decrease cake assembly time. The Cake Stacker offers start, stop and emergency stop integration with other machines, specifically Unifiller equipment.

About Unifiller Systems

Unifiller is a leading global manufacturer of innovative portioning equipment for the baking and food industry, and a subsidiary of the Linxis Group of Companies consisting of leading companies focusing on mixing technologies (Diosna and VMI), portioning technology (Unifiller) as well as ingredient dosing systems (Shick-Esteve).