Smart Flour, Austin, Texas, is letting its playful personality shine through with a whole new look and feel.

Offering a fresh take on the frozen pizza box, Smart Flour’s new, stand-out packaging is designed so that the pizzas can be as effectively displayed side-by-side as they can facing forward. This includes a side-position interlocking feature to maximize shelf space. The recipe’s key ingredients are displayed on the front with shots of everything from fresh cheese and pepperoni to kale and white beans, while the side panel and back are home to images of Smart Flour’s fully cooked pizza. Eye-catching brushes of color with “ancient grains” and “gluten-free” are noted on the front and side, while spirited messaging and graphic logos highlight brand attributes and showcase third-party verifications.

“We thought it was time our packaging reflected the good-natured spirit of our brand, while truly showcasing the high-quality, clean ingredients that our products are all about,” says Charlie Pace, founder and CEO. “We absolutely love how the designs turned out, and couldn’t be more excited to share them with our customers.”

Smart Flour’s packaging redesign will cover the full lineup of pizza and crusts, and will start rolling into stores this October.