Eosta (also known as Nature & More), an importer and distributor of organic fruits and vegetables, announced plans to relocate its headquarters and distribution center to a new and sustainable business property in Waddinxveen, Netherlands. The logistics department moved there in July.

“The resulting building exudes warmth and humanity and may be considered the physical expression of the company’s core values of authenticity, togetherness and social responsibility,” says Volkert Engelsman, founder and CEO. “The interior design is organically conformed to the company processes and encourages leadership and self-leadership, co-creation and an innovative and sustainable corporate performance. In short—‘dream, dance, deliver,’ as we refer to this at Eosta.”

At the heart of the office is a spacious atrium to which all of the offices lead. It also functions as the main meeting place. The wide bleacher stairs represent personal development and the connection between social idealism and commercial realism—“where ecology meets economy,” according to the company slogan.

The building boasts numerous meeting places, some with a fireplace, in addition to rooms where employees can rest/take power naps or meditate.

Both the shell and design feature a materials passport, which states the materials used can be reused as much as possible after demolition. The roof of the distribution and packaging halls will be completely covered with solar panels, and rainwater will be collected and used for local horticultural irrigation.

The timber in the office is sustainable Dutch elm, the modular walls and insulating material in the partitions are circular, one of the stone walls is made from recycled construction rubble and toilet bowls and the office chairs are made from recycled plastic.

Eosta created the design in conjunction with Ex Interiors, The Netherlands, and Logge Circulair, The Netherlands.