Several members of Canada's plant-based food industry formed Plant-Based Foods of Canada (PBFA), an organization aimed at supporting the regulatory and market interests of plant-based food processors in Canada.

PBFA will work with governments and leading stakeholders to bring awareness and action to the emerging issues shaping this sector. That includes fostering a modernized regulatory environment that promotes innovation and growth within plant-based foods to provide Canadian consumers with plant-based food choices that are concurrent within contemporary trends.

"Canadians want—and deserve—plant-based food choices that align with current food trends," says David Johnston, vice president and general manager of Pinnacle Foods Canada. "Plant-based foods are an important source of protein for many Canadians, and it is important to us that they continue to be a nutritious, delicious and exciting option for all."

PBFA is comprised of food companies that make and market plant-based products.

"The time has come for the plant-based food industry to build upon its collective voice within Canada," says Beena Goldenberg, chief executive officer of Hain Celestial Canada. "In the next 5-10 years, we are going to see rapid growth in the interest and consumption of plant-based foods. It's happening already. As industry continues to move into the mainstream, it's critical that it has a voice to accurately represent it and help shape the direction it takes for the benefit of all Canadians."

Founding members include Daiya Foods, Canada; Danone North America, White Plains, N.Y.; Earth's Own Foods, Canada; GreenSpace Brands, Canada; The Hain Celestial Group, Inc., Lake Success, N.Y.; Pinnacle Foods, Parsippany, N.J.; Ripple Foods, Emeryville, Calif.; Lightlife Foods, Montague, Mass.; and The Field Roast Co., Seattle, Wash.

PBFA is a division of Foods & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC), a Canada-based trade association representing food, beverage and consumer goods manufacturers in Canada.