Daiya Foods, Canada, unveiled several new innovations.

"Although more consumers are exploring plant-based eating, they are concerned that it might mean having to sacrifice the taste and texture they've come to love," says Dan Hua, vice president of marketing. "At Daiya, we began our journey as a leading lifestyle brand in the plant-based movement over a decade ago, never wavering on our promise to deliver on a variety of flavor offerings without compromising on nutrition and taste. We are showing our latest foods to demonstrate that plant-based eating can be truly delicious."

Daiya Burritos are said to be the first-to-market breakfast burritos that are plant-based and free from dairy, soy and gluten. These protein-packed and fiber-fueled breakfast burritos come in The Homestyle, which includes an egg-style scramble with meatless beef style crumbles, seasoned potatoes, maple syrup and Daiya Cutting Board Cheddar Style Shreds, while The Fiesta features an egg-style scramble with black beans, jalapeño peppers, onion, poblano salsa, tender potatoes and Daiya Cutting Board Cheddar Style Shreds. Daiya Burritos boast a suggested retail price of $4.29.

Daiya Slices received an upgrade thanks to a new square shape as well as a significant reduction in packaging that will feature a new bright bold design. This dairy-based cheese comes in Smoked Gouda Style, Mozzarella Style, American Style, Cheddar Style, Swiss Style and Provolone Style varieties, and holds a suggested retail price of $4.99.

Daiya Coconut Yogurt Alternatives are newly reformulated, dairy-free yogurt cups made with more coconut cream, contain 6 grams of protein per serving and the fruit flavors contain 50% less sugar per serving. Daiya Coconut Yogurt Alternatives come in Strawberry, Peach, Blueberry, Black Cherry, Vanilla Bean and Plain flavors, and entail a suggested retail price of $1.99.

Coconut Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Bars are creamy, smooth and rich bars that feature fair trade dark chocolate, real vanilla extract, 100% Arabica coffee with no artificial colors or flavors. They come in Chocolate Fudge Crunch, Classic Vanilla Bean, Salted Caramel Swirl and Espresso Coffee SKUs, and entail a suggested retail price of $5.99.

Cutting Board Collection Shreds come in Cheddar Style, Mozzarella Style and Pepperjack Style, and feature a suggested retail price of $4.99.

Daiya Meatless Meat Lover's Pizza is said to be the first-ever plant-based Meat Lover's pie, crafted with meatless sausage-style crumbles and pepperoni-style slices, Daiya signature shreds and zesty sauce atop an artisan gluten-free crust. It features a suggested retail price of $8.99.