Impact Group, Boise, Idaho, acquired Cluep, a Canada-based digital advertising platform.

Cluep will continue operating as a separate division under the Cluep brand, and will complement Impact Group’s sales, marketing and merchandising expertise and value-added service offerings.

Through artificial intelligence (AI), Cluep helps brands connect with consumers by serving targeted advertising based on individuals’ social media activity.

“Today’s consumer is highly engaged in the digital world, and we’re seeing them embrace brands through digital interactions at an unprecedented rate,” says Carl Pennington, president and CEO of Impact Group. “Our acquisition of Cluep is not only a strategic part of our growth; it’s crucial to providing our CPG clients with access to proven digital resources that can propel their brands forward in a way that bolsters their retail presence and helps them win with today’s shoppers. We look forward to improving reach and elevating results for our CPG clients and retail customers through the acquisition of Cluep.”

Cluep’s AI digital advertising platform targets potential customers on social media based on what they are sharing, how they are feeling and where they have been. The platform offers a variety of products, including Cluep Posts, Cluep Pics and Cluep Places. Impact Group plans to retain Cluep’s employees as part of the acquisition.

“Using artificial intelligence to help brands connect and engage with people represents the next big chapter at Impact Group, and the Cluep team is honored to be part of it,” says Karan Walia, co-founder of Cluep. “We have exciting plans and new AI innovations on the roadmap, so it’s time to get to work.”