ROBOPAC USA, Duluth, Ga., and TIM San Marino, based in San Marino, signed a cooperation agreement to develop new production technologies using fifth-generation (5G) networks.

The aim of the partnership is to analyze and evaluate the potential of 5G networks by identifying "use cases" related to the development of innovative services and solutions for Industry 4.0.

As a result, ROBOPAC will develop what is said to be the first services of what will be the "factory of tomorrow,” featuring digitization enabled by 5G networks and all its components.  

The “Smart Factory” will be one of the main drivers of 5G, providing advanced sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, cloud-based solutions and big data analysis to ensure greater efficiency of production processes.

“There has been talk of Industry 4.0 for several years,” says Cesare Pisani, chief executive officer of TIM San Marino. “With the introduction of fifth-generation mobile networks, this new industrial revolution will take even better shape, radically transforming production activities. Our objective is to guide companies through this transformation process, demonstrating how industrial and digital production plants can leverage the potential of 5G.”

“The chance to test these new technologies is a unique opportunity for ROBOPAC,” adds Enrico Aureli, chief executive officer of ROBOPAC. “Thanks to TIM, we can optimize the production process, identifying the new horizons we can reach with 5G technology. The simultaneous use of sophisticated sensors and high-capacity communication networks, like 4G and 5G, and the transfer of data to cloud systems for constant monitoring will represent a new ecosystem with which to review the whole production chain. And, thanks to this collaboration, we will be in a position to assess all of this ahead of everyone else.”