An international manufacturer of high-quality frozen desserts for retail and foodservice customers, needed to denest special trays onto its existing FDA-approved conveyor line. The problem was that these special trays included multiple sizes and shapes, and were designed with special dome lids (clamshell trays) for easily closing and storing frozen desserts for later consumption.
Due to budget and machine footprint, the automated tray denester needed to be compact enough to be in-line with the existing conveyor line, yet variable to fit and denest multiple sizes and shapes of clamshell trays.
A few weeks later, the frozen desserts maker installed an automated tray denester from Pineberry Manufacturing, Canada. Designed with accuracy, reliability and improved effectiveness, this FDA-certified machine was compact enough to roll into place, and integrated with easy-to-use configurable mechanical components.
“The Pineberry automated tray denester is capable of receiving stacks of trays of various shapes and sizes, increasing operational efficiency and placement accuracy on food packaging lines,” says David McCharles, president of Pineberry Manufacturing. “Each stack is separated with side pneumatics, and the stack or desired denomination is dropped onto the customers’ existing conveyor line with precision. The automated tray denester is capable of dropping 1-6 items at a time, at a speed of 60 cycles per minute. To increase productivity and profitability, investing in a robust automated denesting machine is the best solution.”
Choosing the right denesting system heavily impacts productivity in production and operational efficiency. Pineberry Manufacturing’s solutions provide facilities with positive placement and accuracy of trays during denesting, smooth separation that eliminates jams, ease of use with low maintenance, decreases waste, reduces risk of slowed production on the line and increases profitability.