project44, Chicago, and Gatehouse Logistics, UK, entered into an exclusive multinational partnership delivering comprehensive transportation visibility across Europe and North America.

This partnership provides visibility into key transportation processes, ensuring global organizations can accurately see and proactively respond to all events in their supply chain at the “speed of thought.”

“project44 and Gatehouse Logistics have been championing the importance of high-fidelity data for years,” says Jesper Bennike, chief executive officer of Gatehouse Logistics. “This collaboration aligns with both company’s core promise to deliver the most comprehensive global visibility engine powered only by secure, high-quality and real-time information.”

Gatehouse Logistics delivers ghTrack, a GDPR-compliant, neutral and hardware agnostic data-sharing service, while project44 offers a large and inclusive network of capacity providers connected via ELD, telematics, direct API connections, app-less tracking or smartphone applications. Together, customers now have immediate and actionable access to a network of 175,000 multimodal carriers comprised of 90,000 capacity providers in North America and 85,000 in Europe.

“Visibility is the No. 1 supply chain initiative. We’ve seen a record number of North American and European companies investing in real-time visibility platforms to be used either standalone or with a TMS, CRM, WMS or ERP,” says Jett McCandless, founder and CEO of project44. “This partnership accelerates the speed at which manufacturers, retailers, e-commerce providers, distributors, freight forwarders and 3PLs can successfully realize the benefits of end-to-end visibility by working with a single visibility provider for all shipments regardless of geographic location.”