Thirty-one percent of diners said they would avoid eating at other locations of a chain restaurant if just one location was involved in a foodborne illness outbreak, according to results found in the Diners Dish e-book, available from Steritech, Charlotte, N.C.

The Diners Dish e-book includes exclusive insights from a survey that tackled consumer preference and behavior in several key revenue-driving areas, such as delivery, online reviews and social media, public health and cleanliness and foodborne illness.  

Highlights from the e-book include: 

  • 60% of diners have ordered food for delivery in the last six months, and 30% of those experienced a problem with their order.
  • 75% of consumers sometimes or often use restaurant review sites to help select where they will dine.
  • 41% of those surveyed say a restaurant’s health department score factors into their decision on where to dine.
  • Sticky or dirty tables and chairs is the top pet peeve of diners.
  • 31% will stay away from an entire chain if just one location has a foodborne illness outbreak.