Danfoss, Baltimore, Md., acquired AAIM Controls Inc., a Waynesboro, Pa.-based supplier of custom-designed regulation and control automation solutions. With the acquisition, Danfoss moves to become a systems provider within industrial refrigeration.

“We consistently look to strengthen our core businesses by partnering with other successful companies and acquiring technology that complements the solutions we offer our customers,” says Jürgen Fischer, president of Danfoss Cooling. “By adding electronic regulation and control automation to our already-extensive portfolio of components for industrial refrigeration applications, we strengthen our global position by becoming a systems provider in the industrial refrigeration market.”

“In the industrial refrigeration market, controllers are often seen as the central part of a system offering. With the addition of AAIM’s strong knowledge base and their highly specialized solutions, we gain a unique competitive advantage where we can better address these customer requirements,” says Kristian Strand, president – refrigeration and A/C controls, Danfoss Cooling.

“Becoming part of the Danfoss family will give us great options for expanding into new areas, and I’m confident that the partnership with Danfoss will open up new business opportunities. Not only do we share the same ideas of how to develop the business, but we also have the same values when it comes to our people and how to drive growth,” adds Arthur Marshall, co-founder of AAIM Controls.