Production Specialties Inc. (DBA PS DOORS), Grand Forks, N.D., changed its name to PS Industries, Inc., effective Dec. 3, to reflect the company’s evolution from being a manufacturer of high-quality industrial doors to one that also produces safety/fall-protection products and flood barriers.

"Just like the doors we've been building since 1974, this name change is all about transitions,” says Cory Melland, president. “As we expand our horizons and look for new opportunities, we need a name that isn't limited to one aspect of our business. While doors have been and will continue to be a focal point of our business, we now do much more, protecting people and property with a selection of products that continues to evolve and expand. We’re excited about what the future holds for our company, our employees, and most importantly, our customers.”

PS Industries manufactures industrial doors, safety/fall-protection products and flood protection products for food processing plants.