Whole Leaf, Canada, announced plans to double the size of its facility, with Phase 2 set to open March 15, 2019. With this expansion, Whole Leaf will be what is said to be the largest lettuce greenhouse operation in North America, dedicated to growing ultra-clean Canadian lettuce year-round. 

The state-of-the-art facility, located in Coaldale, Alberta, Canada, opened in 2017, and introduced five innovative and proprietary technologies to North American production, making it possible to grow clean, environmentally responsible, safe lettuce varieties in Canada 365 days per year.

"Our vision is to grow lettuce in a clean and trusted environment for everyone to enjoy," says David Karwacki, chief executive officer of The Star Group, the Canada-based parent company of Whole Leaf. "From everyday salad blends to the perfect burger leaf, we want Inspired Greens to be the trusted leafy option of consumers."

The Star Group will spend an additional $30 million on Phase 2 of the Whole Leaf greenhouses, bringing the total investment to $60 million. The facility consists of 11 acres of glass and automated systems designed to grow and package up to 24 million heads of Inspired Greens per year.

Inspired Greens are grown with triple-filtrated water and are untouched by human hands from seed through harvest.

"We have seen a huge increase in consumer awareness and appetite for clean, safe lettuce," says Karwacki. "I eat Inspired Greens without even washing them. The time is right to bring more of a fresh, healthy option to consumers."

Whole Leaf first announced expansion plans earlier this year.