Flinders + Co., Melbourne, Australia, is said to be the first completely carbon neutral meat supplier in the world.

As a result, Flinders + Co., formerly Flinders Island Meat, launched a new company identity with a bold vision to cultivate a better food world.

“‘Cultivate a Better Food World’ was the vision we came up with for the new company identity,” says James Madden, managing director. “We wanted to be able to one day look back and say that together we made a real difference for the better. Becoming carbon neutral is our first big step in trying to show that even our industry – one that is becoming increasingly maligned for perceived environmental issues – can still make positive change for the future.”

The carbon neutral certification was achieved after an in-depth analysis of the business by consultants from the Carbon Reduction Institute, Australia. The study revealed areas carbon emissions could be reduced and where they could not be completely eliminated. Furthermore, Flinders + Co. also partnered with suppliers to offset the supply chain emissions for every kilogram of meat that the company sold.