Motorleaf, Canada, partnered with Cultilene, Canada, to automate commercial greenhouses worldwide with artificial intelligence (AI).

Using Big Data from greenhouse growing conditions and custom-made machine-learning algorithms, this technology can predict future greenhouse production levels. In addition to reducing risks due to unpredictable weekly harvest yields, the technology enables growers to streamline operations, reduce costs and retain agriculture expertise within smart software. The resultant algorithm is said to automate harvest forecasting and provide crop yield predictions with 50-70% less error than estimates made by humans.

"We are convinced that Motorleaf's harvest forecast service has added value for tomato and pepper growers worldwide. That is why we are actively bringing this service to the attention of our customers. In addition, this harvest forecast service is a perfect example of ‘data-driven growing,’ one of the most pioneering developments within the global horticulture sector and a cornerstone objective of Cultilene,” says Mariëlle Klijn, marketing manager at Cultilene.

Cultilene supplies Albarino diffused glass surfaces and substrates for greenhouses worldwide. This strategic partnership serves to introduce and educate growers and provide assurances for data protection and cybersecurity.

“Agriculture is totally different from the tech sector. Tech companies are expected to scale with ease using online platforms and digital tools. The fact is that farming remains a personal industry that prefers to seal deals with a handshake between well-known neighbors. Cultilene enables us to make that handshake with greenhouse owners far and wide,” says Jennifer De Braga, head of global client experience at Motorleaf.