Freight Farms, Boston, Mass., announced the Greenery, a next-generation container farm for hydroponic vertical farming and a successor to the Leafy Green Machine.

Within the same standard 320-square-foot footprint, the Greenery offers farmers 70% more growing space.

A fully-reimagined farm interior combines customizable grow rows with innovative plant panel and LED technology to boost yields and create streamlined operations for the farmer.

  • Mobile rack system. Farmers can now shift grow rows and LED panels to create custom layouts to support a new variety of crops (larger, vined, rooted, etc.) while improving workflow.
  • Increased production. Capturing previously unproductive space, a unique 5-channel plant panel design replaces traditional crop columns to unlock 70% more growing space within the same small footprint. The Greenery also hosts 30% more nursery plant sites.
  • Industry-leading LEDs. Unique, rigid LED panel arrays replace previous rope lighting, tripling the crops’ access to light energy to result in fuller, heavier plants within a faster growth period.

Newly designed systems throughout the Greenery include lighting, climate control and use and reclaim resources with unrivaled efficiency.

  • Best brightness-to-power ratio. Because the LED arrays are focused directionally, light energy waste is prevented, and despite triple the intensity, there is no 3 times corresponding electricity draw.
  • Intelligent moisture reclamation. The farm’s new climate control system condenses and recycles ambient moisture that in certain humid regions, it is capable of capturing upwards of 1.5 gallons of water per hour, rendering some Greenery operations water-positive.
  • Time savings. The mobile rack system gives farmers direct access to all plants for more convenient harvesting, pruning, cleaning and maintenance. This reduces farm work time by 25-50%.

Each farm component is built from the ground up with farmhand IoT integration.

  • Smart farm. Using IoT-connected sensors, the Greenery continuously relays all climate, component and camera data directly to farmhand, so farmers can remotely operate and monitor their farm.
  • Tailored climate control. With Freight Farms’ catalogue of real-world growing data, farmers can replicate ideal environmental conditions, or “recipes,” for consistent crop quality. They can even make non-native produce varieties available in their local market by creating environments otherwise impossible in their region.

The Greenery is deployable by a single individual, and can grow a higher capacity of hyper-local food directly on-site.

Freight Farms