US Foods Holding Corp., Rosemont, Ill., launched its Spring Scoop 2019, which focuses on the continued expansion of the company’s Serve Good program.

“Sustainability on the menu is more than just a trend; it’s a movement that has shaped how diners approach their purchasing decisions,” says Stacie Sopinka, senior vice president of product development and innovation. “Our Serve Good portfolio offers independent restaurant operators innovative and versatile products that help create real value while meeting the immediate and long-term cravings and conscience of contemporary diners.”

Each of the 24 items featured in Spring Scoop fall into one of the following Serve Good categories—agricultural practices, sustainable seafood, animal care, responsible disposables and reduced waste.

The organic movement

Adding organic items to the menu helps attracts diners and allows operators to command higher prices. Spring Scoop highlights several USDA-certified organic products such as:

Sustainability on the menu

Spring Scoop highlights a variety of products that feature third-party certifications and promote increased transparency, including:

  • Harbor Banks Skinless Barramundi. Ocean-farmed and 4-star-certified for Best Aquaculture Practices, this Barramundi graduated to the Serve Good portfolio from US Foods’ Progress Check program.
  • Patuxent Farms All Natural Ground Dark Turkey Raised Without Antibiotics. American Humane Certified (AHC) products are an economical alternative to conventional ground beef. Plus, this product comes frozen in small pillow packs for quicker thawing.
  • Patuxent Farms All Natural Turkey Sausage Patty Raised Without Antibiotics. Also new to the AHC lineup is this patty, which boasts 75% less fat than pork breakfast sausage and features Southern-style seasoning, including black pepper and sage.

Agricultural practices

Increased mindfulness in environmental and social practices inspired US Foods to expand sustainable offerings with specific certifications that in turn help ensure workers’ rights, promote biodiversity and increase transparency. Highlights include:

  • Devonshire Passion Fruit Layered Cheesecake with Fair Trade Coconut. This dessert features tropical flavors of tangy passion fruit and sweet coconut, and then topped with shaved coconut and sugar.