Lifeway, Morton Grove, Ill., launch a new plant-based probiotic drink called Plantiful.

“After spending the past year perfecting Plantiful, we’re so excited to share this innovative new probiotic, protein-packed blend with the world,” says Julie Smolyansky, chief executive officer. “With the heritage we’ve built on bringing kefir to America, we felt it was important to deliver a category-defining new fermented drink that gives consumers what they are looking for in a plant-based beverage. Plantiful is the solution to the lack of quality probiotic products in the dairy alternatives section. We know our customers will love it, and we’re looking forward to introducing Lifeway to a whole new audience.”

Plantiful is available in 8-ounce single-serve and 24-ounce bottles that contain 10 grams of protein and 10 vegan strains of probiotics. Plantiful Kids comes in a convenient, squeezable pouch with a no-spill spout. Both lines are available at select natural grocery and retail stores nationwide.