Lifeway Foods, Morton Grove, Ill., unveiled a new line of Traditional Icelandic-style skyr and plant-based probiotic beverages.

“These new products underscore our commitment to delivering the widest variety of delicious, nourishing, functional foods to satisfy everyone’s unique tastes and dietary needs,” says Julie Smolyansky, chief executive officer. “The documented health benefits of probiotics have attracted a fast-growing market of consumers looking to boost digestive health and immunity. We’re thrilled to introduce these exciting new options that truly offer something for everyone.”

Known for its rich flavor, creamy texture and potent health benefits, Skyr has been a part of Icelandic cuisine for centuries. Made in small batches, Lifeway’s new Organic Skyr boasts 14 probiotic cultures, including 2 strains essential to authentic Icelandic Skyr. Made with organic whole milk and packed with 18 grams of protein, Lifeway’s Organic Skyr is a gluten-free superfood available in Natural, Blueberry, Wildberry, Ancient Grains and Honey, and comes in a resealable cup with a spoon.

Lifeway is expanding its lineup of probiotic beverages with Plantiful, a new plant-based protein drink. Made from organic and non-GMO pea, hemp and rice protein, the Plantiful blend contains 5 vegan kefir cultures. This organic, dairy-, gluten- and soy-free beverage comes in four flavors.

Lifeway’s new sparkling Elixir offers a thirst-quenching alternative to sugary soda and traditionally creamy probiotic beverages. Available in Tangerine, Hibiscus, Ginger and Elderberry flavors, Lifeway Elixirs are caffeine- and gluten-free, vegan, kosher and low in sugar and calories.