No doubt about it, frozen foods are hot! In fact, last year, 26% of all U.S. grocery shoppers shopped the frozen food aisle more frequently, and 43% of Millennials bought more frozen items, according to a report produced by Acosta Sales & Marketing, Jacksonville, Fla.

But, what’s turning up the heat?

Today's innovative frozen products offer something for everyone, according to the National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA), Harrisburg, Pa., including:

  • Brands and product lines are aligned with new health trends, changing dining habits and dietary requirements. Whether you are looking for vegan, gluten-free, non-dairy, ethnic, organic, the frozen food aisle has it all.
  • Shoppers don't have to sacrifice delicious dishes and trendy flavors just because they’re in a hurry. The freezer aisle offers quality, ready-to-eat full meal, single-serve and small plate options packed with high proteins, low carbs, indulgent flavors, healthy fruits and vegetables and more.
  • If you're a foodie, you can "up your game" and elevate the food experience with versatile high-end frozen products, savory ingredients and entertaining-quality appetizers and desserts.