Trident Seafoods, Seattle, Wash., launched new 10-gram Protein Noodles.

These 10-gram Protein Noodles are a protein-rich and gluten-free noodle made with wild Alaska Pollock. Made with just eight all-natural, non-GMO ingredients, they are fully cooked – simply thaw, prepare and serve hot or cold. Plus, each 3-ounce serving contains 10 grams of protein, 7 carbs and 70 calories.

“Today’s consumers are interested now more than ever in alternative ways to incorporate clean protein into their diets,” says John Salle, senior vice president of marketing and innovation. “As we like to say, ‘It’s a new way to get hooked on protein.’ Our noodle checks all the right boxes—they’re gluten-free, higher in protein, lower in carbs and low calorie. And, since it’s fully cooked, it’s super convenient and highly versatile. It’s also flavor-neutral, which means it pairs well with your favorite sauce no matter what the cuisine. Plus, the texture has a nice bite, and holds up extremely well in hot applications, even in soups and stews.”

“The spirit of innovation is in our DNA, and this is yet another example of our willingness to take bold steps,” adds Joe Bundrant, chief executive officer. “Our mission is to make fish the food of the future, and we certainly think our new noodle is an all-natural convenient way for consumers to incorporate more fish into their diet. And, it just happens to be made with the perfect, most sustainable protein on the planet – Wild Alaska Pollock.”