Hakuna Banana, Los Angeles, launched new 120-calorie, plant-based novelty bars that are non-GMO, contain no refined sugars or sugar alcohols and are paleo-friendly and naturally sweetened with whole fruit.

Available in Chocolate, “Banilla” and Strawberry, these bars are made from a combination of bananas, dates and coconut milk, then dipped in real chocolate.

“As consumers continue to prioritize wellness, it’s important that we offer options that not only help meet dietary goals, but [also] taste delicious,” says Hannah Hong, co-founder. “By creating a product that actually seems like an indulgence, we enable our customers to accomplish a healthy lifestyle without having to give up arguably the most important meal of the day.”

The product is available in Whole Foods and Sprouts locations across the southern pacific region of the United States, including California, Hawaii, Arizona, Utah and Nevada.