Coconut Bliss, Eugene, Ore., collaborated with Burgerville, Vancouver, Wash., to create a new 100% plant-based, dairy-free ice cream shake.

Made with coconut milk and sweetened with organic cane sugar, the soft serve blend known as Bliss Shake was created by Coconut Bliss exclusively for Burgerville, and is said to be one of the first plant-based shakes to be offered year-round at a restaurant chain.

“Our guests have been requesting plant-based shakes for years,” says chef Becky McGrath, director of food production at Burgerville. “It was so fun to work side by side with Coconut Bliss to develop this exclusive soft serve delicious shake. We’re thrilled to now be able to offer our guests both dairy and non-dairy options every day.”

“As a producer of organic, ethically-produced ice cream that’s 100% plant-based, Coconut Bliss knows the value of doing the right thing, which isn’t necessarily the easy thing,” says Kim Gibson Clark, president and CEO of Coconut Bliss. “That’s why we believe that we have found the perfect partner in Burgerville for this new plant-based shake. Burgerville is known for its fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, as well as for its commitment to sustainable business practices. We love all that and see Burgerville aligning well with the Coconut Bliss brand, as well as the quality of our ice cream. Coconut Bliss is happy to be part of the movement to add plant-based foods and other alternative menu items to more dining options and locations in order to promote healthy living and environmentally-conscious eating practices.”

The Bliss Shake is available at nearly all Burgerville locations throughout Oregon and Washington.