FPS Food Process Solutions (FPS), Canada, opened its new manufacturing and support center in Zhongshan, China.  

The new 91,500-square-foot facility further realizes the company’s vision to revolutionize hygienic standards. Led by general manager, May Lin, the Zhongshan Centre will act as a single location for sales, support services and fabrication. In addition to the large manufacturing, warehousing and office space, the new facility will include a showcase individually-quick frozen (IQF) tunnel and spiral freezers, all with signature externally mounted motors. This location will mainly serve the China and Southeast Asian region.

“FPS has had a long-term commitment to offering the most hygienic equipment, since Day 1,” says Jeffrey Chang, president of FPS. “Personally, as a Chinese Canadian immigrant of over 30 years, it brings me an indescribable sense of pride to return and serve the Chinese market with the utmost hygienic solutions for the food industry.”

“In under a decade, FPS has grown to the size it is today, greatly contributed by the unfaltering belief that food safety should dictate equipment design; freezer throughput becomes insignificant when the volume of food processed is unsafe to consume and the processor’s reputation is at stake,” adds Chang.