Dachser USA Air & Sea Logistics, Atlanta, announced that newly acquired Johnston Logistics Ltd., Ireland, will re-launch as Dachser Ireland Ltd. and be fully integrated into the Dachser network by September. Expanding its footprint into the Irish market further demonstrates Dachser’s commitment to growing its network and having a presence in key markets throughout the world.

Dachser and Johnston Logistics have been partners since 2007. In 2017, Dachser acquired a majority stake in the company.

“The rebranding makes the full integration of Johnston Logistics into the Dachser network visible to the outside world. At the same time, the connection to all our systems ensures that the Irish country organization is secure and stable for the future,” says Bernhard Simon, chief executive officer of Dachser.

“The integration of an experienced and capable partner such as Johnston Logistics is absolutely in line with one of Dachser’s main interests. We want our customers in Ireland to get the maximum benefit from uniform services and quality standards, fixed transit times and the closely integrated network of Dachser branches throughout Europe,” adds Michael Schilling, chief operating officer of road logistics at Dachser.

“With the integration into the Dachser network, we have found a good, sustainable path for future developments,” adds Albert Johnston, managing director of Johnston Logistics. “Both family businesses stand for the same values. And, both sides contribute expertise that will ensure further growth—in both our domestic and our export business.”