Viva Tierra Organic, Inc. (VTC), Mount Vernon, Wash., introduced a new line of retail packaging for its California-grown, certified-organic apples and pears. The new packaging aims to convey the pride that VTO’s organic growers and packers take in the organic fruit they grow and harvest.

The new packaging consists of six new eye-catching, zip-top stand-up pouch packages. For instance, the Organic California Gala, Organic California Apple and Organic California Pear come in 2- and 3-pound packages. Additionally, the company has new California-specific boxes, which will be used to pack the pouches in either 12/3# or 18/2# configurations. A 12/2# pack is also available.

“California retail produce managers are very excited about highlighting the ‘local’ aspect of the new packaging,” says Roy Ruff, regional marketing lead. “Currently, we’re packing Organic Gala and Bartletts and will follow with Granny, Braeburn, Fuji, Bosc and finally Cripps Pink as the California season progresses.”