Matrix Packaging Machinery, Saukville, Wis., introduced the Matrix Morpheus, a continuous box-motion bagger that allows users in the baking industry to run a variety of films at faster speeds with better accuracy. It uses a continuous-motion, high-speed jaw system that is unique from other vertical form-fill-seal machines because the film never stops. The jaw system cuts the film and provides just enough dwell time for the three bag seams to properly seal. This innovative feature allows users to achieve higher fill rates up to 200 units per minute.

The Matrix Morpheus is AutoPro, a standard feature on the Morpheus that eliminates manual adjustments such as hand cranks and thumb screws in favor of precision electronic motion control, providing fast, accurate and trouble-free changeovers. Cutting time by at least 50%, AutoPro controls adjustments as fine as .001 inches (.25mm) on each of nine mechanical axes. It also archives film and sealing-jaw settings for each SKU, and allows the user to recall the “recipe” to replicate the settings each time the product runs.  

Matrix Packaging Machinery