DHL Supply Chain, Westerville, Ohio, announced new partnerships with Convoy, Seattle, Wash., and Turvo, Sunnyvale, Calif., to implement robotic process automation (RPA).

Convoy’s digital freight network and the Turvo platform will integrate with DHL’s MySupplyChain, a proprietary end-to-end visibility and business intelligence solution.

DHL directly integrated Convoy’s network of high-quality carriers into its supply chain application, providing access to Convoy’s automated real-time pricing, so shippers can benefit from increased capacity.

“Convoy and DHL have a shared emphasis on moving freight more efficiently, and that focus forms the backbone of our relationship,” says Brooks McMahon, vice president of partnerships for Convoy. “Now, DHL can easily access Convoy’s automated real-time pricing and secure capacity that can flex with their customers’ needs.”

DHL Supply Chain’s partnership with Turvo drives contextual visibility and collaboration across the end-to-end lifecycle of a shipment. This allows all parties the ability to view and take action on the same information at the same time.

“Before RPA, many basic, day-to-day tasks would need to wait to be completed until capacity allowed. Now they are done quickly and with a high level of accuracy, freeing our employees to spend less time doing busy work and more time doing the strategic value-added work they enjoy,” says Jim Monkmeyer, president, transportation, DHL Supply Chain, North America. “Turvo is another critical complement to our digitization efforts. It enables easier collaboration and transparency for shippers and carriers. By improving the way we work together across the entire supply chain, we can improve efficiency and customer service simultaneously.”  

“We are always thinking beyond today’s shipment, so as we continue to aggressively pursue our supply chain digitization strategy and increase our breadth of transport capabilities, partnerships with Convoy and Turvo allow us to accelerate our plans,” says Mark Kunar, executive vice president, strategy, transportation and automotive, engineering and manufacturing, chemical and energy at DHL Supply Chain, North America. “Both have a high level of technical expertise, and their ongoing efforts to remain ahead of the market through their use of cutting-edge technology means we are able to help our customers maximize their supply chain value by enabling greater predictability, visibility and agility. Through these partnerships, we will also enable our customers to continue to expand the freight options available to them while streamlining processes to improve efficiency.”