McCain Foods, Canada, is the founding member of the One Planet Business for Biodiversity (OP2B) coalition of leading companies, a business-led coalition designed to gather forward-thinking, agriculture-centric companies determined to take action to protect and restore cultivated and natural biodiversity within their value chains. In addition to business-led actions, the coalition will engage decision makers to develop and promote policy recommendations.

Over the past several months, interested companies have analyzed their value chains, from farm to fork, to identify the most impactful levers to protect and nurture biodiversity. This assessment led to a consensus on what will be the three main focus areas moving forward:

  • Regenerative agricultural practices
  • Product portfolio diversification
  • Deforestation, restoration and high value ecosystems

The focus of the OP2B coalition aligns to McCain Foods own commitments concerning climate change, biodiversity and soil health.

“At McCain, we are committed to addressing the increasing impact climate change is having on global agricultural systems, on our grower partners and on our business, including the promotion of regenerative agriculture at scale. However, no one company can address these global issues alone, and OP2B offers a strong platform for collaborative, impactful and positive action by a broad range of major stakeholders at a global level,” says Max Koeune, president and CEO.