Clarity Food Ventures LLC, Chicago, debuted Soup Explorers, a line of globally-inspired, premium refrigerated soup kits that can be prepared in three minutes or less.

"We want to share soups from around the world in a way that honors traditional preparation methods and highlights authentic ingredients that captivate your senses in an unforgettable way. We believe food, and soups in particular, have the power to transport you to some remarkable places. Soup Explorers brings to life soups that are every bit as delicious as they are authentic and imaginative," says Linda Yeh-Ostrinsky, co-founder.

Soup Explorers soups are crafted in partnership with Chicago restaurants.

For example, the Vietnamese Phởs was created hand-in-hand with Mary Nguyen Aregoni and Theresa Nguyen, the restaurateurs behind Chicago's Saigon Sisters Restaurants.

The American Chicken Noodle and Moroccan Chilled Cucumber soups were developed in collaboration with Soupbox restaurant's founder Jamie Taerbaum.

Plus, the soup kits are dairy-free, nut-free and void of artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Each kit contains a bottle of slow-simmered broth, individually-packed cooked proteins and noodles, aromatic garnish of vegetables and herbs and a biodegradable, palm leaf bowl.

“Our soup kits are cold-pressed to lock in flavors and nutrients for an unbelievably aromatic and fresh-tasting experience and to significantly extend shelf life,” adds Debarshi Sengupta, co-founder. “It's an important and recent food innovation that improves the quality of food we eat; it is commonly used for cold-pressed juices. Now, we're bringing it to soups."