AeroFarms, Newark, N.J., will invest $42 million to build its largest, most sophisticated 150,000-square-foot indoor vertical farm to date in Cane Creek Centre, a joint industrial park in Danville, Va. The company plans to create 92 jobs.

AeroFarms uses proprietary aeroponic growing technology to produce leafy greens at a rate 390 times more productive than field-grown plants.

“We are excited to expand to Virginia, an incredible state with a strong farming tradition, and we have been honored by the amazing reception at all levels,” says David Rosenberg, co-founder and CEO. “We want to thank everyone for helping bring our 10th and largest, most advanced indoor vertical farm to life to create new jobs and increase access to healthier foods with better flavor. We are also excited about the future collaboration opportunities with The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research to build on our work with Fortune 100 companies to solve broader ag-related supply chain issues.”