The Little Potato Company, the #1 Creamer potato company in North America, is taking convenience to a new level with the launch of Easy Sides, fully cooked, pre-seasoned Creamer potatoes that are ready to heat and eat in only seven minutes. Consumers have less time to prepare meals, but their desire for healthy, convenient food options that don’t sacrifice on taste, is on the rise. The latest no-stress meal solution, Easy Sides, comes in four family-friendly flavors: Onion and Garlic, Sea Salt and Black Pepper, Paprika and Bell Pepper, and Sweet Bell and Onion. They are slow-cooked sous vide style, in a warm water bath with natural spices resulting in fully cooked Creamer potatoes that are ready in minutes. Preparing Easy Sides is simple—cut open the pouch and heat in the skillet for crispy Little potatoes.

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