The Dawn crisis management team is meeting regularly to assess our response to this dynamic situation. As the situation evolves, we are committed to updating our response based on the best expert advice available and based on what’s right for our people and customers. Here is how Dawn is responding to COVID-19:

  • Our safety team is staying up to date with any new developments from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). All our decisions will match recommendations from state and national health organizations, as well as comply with any applicable laws. We continue to review and update our business continuity and contingency plans. 

  • Dawn Products: We have contingency plans should we see a reduction in our manufacturing facility workforce, including prioritizing ingredient production and moving production to other facilities in our network if needed. We are striving to minimize downtime while ensuring the safety of our team members and safe products for our customers.

  • Dawn Facilities: We have increased the frequency of cleaning at our locations to minimize the spread of potentially harmful germs and bacteria. In the event of a COVID-19 incident at our plants, we will conduct a detailed sanitation of every exposed area and take guidance from the CDC. 

  • Visitor Screening: We are limiting entrance to our facilities and asking every visitor or vendor if they have recently returned from a high-risk area, been exposed to the virus or are experiencing flu symptoms. They will not be allowed to enter any of our facilities until a two-week period is over and no COVID-19 symptoms are present. 

  • Travel Precautions: We are restricting international business travel and limiting domestic travel to business-critical travel only. We have temporarily canceled large events and gatherings. 

  • Supply Chain: In this evolving situation, we have contingency plans for our procurement and distribution operations. We will continue to monitor the situation and are assessing disruption mitigation actions, including working with our wider distribution network and our DDA partners. 

  • Procurement: Our Procurement team have contracts in place and are building inventory for materials that are currently considered at risk. 

  • Team Dawn: We have asked that our non-essential team members work from home and practice social distancing. Only essential team members will operate our facilities, and we continue to educate them about safe health practices, such as frequent handwashing and staying home if sick.

We appreciate your business and will update you as new information becomes available. Like you, we are focused on continuity and contingency planning, and are dedicated to ensuring as little impact on your business as possible. As such, please understand that our Team’s top priorities are safety and mitigating the effects on business.

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