Chosen Foods, the leading producer of 100% pure avocado oil and creator of avocado-inspired kitchen staples including cooking sprays, mayos, dressings and simmer sauces, announces the launch of their first ever refrigerated products: a collection of four delicious new guacamole and salsa items.

In just ten years, Chosen Foods has garnered a cult following of avocado obsessed fans all over the country. What started with their flagship Avocado Oil has since evolved into infused cooking sprays, classic and spiced mayos, flavorful salad dressings and globally inspired 20-minute simmer sauces. The next natural step in product innovation for the avocado brand had to be the golden child of the refrigerated dip section: guacamole.

Featuring hand scooped 100% Hass avocados and only the simplest ingredients, all of the new products are balanced in flavor while bringing in subtle spicy notes. Never using preservatives or stabilizers, the new line of guacamole and salsa is certified Non-GMO verified, Kosher and high pressure processed to lock in freshness. The product line-up features:

  • Classic Guacamole | Featuring tomato, onion, jalapeño pepper, salt, lime juice, cilantro and garlic, the Chosen Foods Classic Guacamole is the perfect light summertime snack. (SRP: $3.99 for 8oz, $4.99 for 2oz 4-pack)
  • Spicy Guacamole | Perfectly spiced with serrano and habanero pepper and supported in flavor with lime juice, salt, cilantro, garlic and tomato, the Spicy Guacamole packs a delicious punch. (SRP: $3.99 for 8oz, $4.99 for 2oz 4-pack)
  • Avocado Mash | An easy grab-n-go snack for the kids or topper for avocado toast, the Avocado Mash includes lime juice, salt and ground black pepper and Hass Avocado of course – four simple ingredients. (SRP: $4.99 for 2oz 4-pack)
  • Avocado Tomatillo Salsa | Made with fresh tomatillos and jalapeño pepper, this creamy, balanced side dish will steal the show. (SRP: $5.99 for 12oz)

“This project has been a labor of love for our team here at Chosen Foods” said CEO Gabriel Perez Krieb. “We’ve had our eyes on the guacamole space for a while now and for over 12 months we worked tirelessly across the organization to deliver a fresh, flavorful and creamy guacamole line that, like our avocado oil, always provides the highest quality to our consumers. We couldn’t be more excited to release these products, just in time for summer!”

Earlier this year, the iconic avocado obsessed food company revealed a new brand identity focused on paying homage to their sun-drenched roots in Coastal California and Mexico. Additionally, to further cement their commitment to going all-in on avocados, Chosen Foods released frozen diced avocados and five new tahini-forward avocado-oil based salad dressings as featured in the Goddess Dressing line. As one of the fastest growing CPG companies in North America, Chosen Foods is constantly innovating and looking for ways to break through into new product categories.

About Chosen Foods

Chosen Foods, the leading producer of 100% pure avocado oil from Mexico and creator of avocado-inspired cooking sprays, mayos, dressings, simmer sauces, guacamole and salsa, got its start in 2011. Grown from the nutrient-rich volcanic soil of Central Mexico, Chosen Foods works with over 1,000 farmers to grow more than 350 million avocados per year. From dressings and marinades to mayonnaise and oil sprays, the Southern California brand focuses on creating great tasting and accessible products to elevate at-home cooking. All Chosen Foods products are non-GMO certified. Additionally, Chosen Foods builds collaborative partnerships with organizations that take a community-wide, sustainable approach to alleviating hunger.