The makers of the WHOLLY brand, home of WHOLLY AVOCADO and WHOLLY GUACAMOLE, America’s #1 refrigerated guacamole, are making it more convenient than ever for people to get their daily dose of avocado with the launch of WHOLLY AVOCADO Diced Avocado and single-serve Smashed Avocado products. These innovations are paving the way for a new category of ready-to-eat avocado under the WHOLLY AVOCADO brand. Avocado lovers can now enjoy perfectly ripe and preservative free, pre-diced and smashed avocado anytime.

The average American eats nearly eight pounds[1] of avocado per year and anyone who has a taste for avocados knows they can be just as frustrating as they are delicious. They are not always ready when you want them and can often be too ripe and mushy.

“Nearly 70% of avocado users throw away all or part of an avocado because it's unusable.[2] Until now, there hasn’t been a solution to this problem. We’re proud to debut our new Diced and Smashed Avocado products to provide avocado lovers with a new way to enjoy them, while also preventing food waste,” said Nahall Kohan, innovation associate brand manager of MegaMex Foods. “These versatile products are always ready when you are so that you can add avocado goodness to just about anything—from salads to sandwiches to protein bowls.”

As with all WHOLLY products, these new items contain no added preservatives, are gluten-free, non-GMO, kosher and keto-friendly. Available in 8 ounce trays, WHOLLY AVOCADO Diced Avocado can be used as a salad topper, in poke bowls, and can be added on top of your favorite soups and chilis. WHOLLY AVOCADO Smashed Avocado is available in convenient single-serve packages and is ideal for avocado toast, sandwiches, or as a great snack for kids.

WHOLLY AVOCADO Diced Avocado is now available nationwide at Walmart and several other major retailers. WHOLLY AVOCADO Smashed Avocado will be available at select retailers. Both products have an MSRP of $4.48-$4.99. 


The WHOLLY brand, home of WHOLLY AVOCADO and WHOLLY GUACAMOLE, America’s #1 refrigerated guacamole, is a global leader in ready-to-eat avocado innovation, food safety and quality. All WHOLLY products are made with hand scooped Hass avocados and are gluten free with no preservatives added. High Pressure Technology (HPT) is used to help extend the shelf life of the products and maintain the avocado’s delicious flavors and nutrients, while eliminating potentially harmful bacteria. The WHOLLY brand is part of MegaMex Foods, one of the fastest growing Mexican food companies in the US focused on reimagining Mexican flavor.

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[2] According to Google Insights survey data, Dec. 2018