Saffron Road, a clean-label, world cuisine leader on a mission to bring people together through authentic, global flavors and wholesome, real ingredients, announces the addition of two new restaurant-quality frozen entrées to their Thai cuisine product line: 

Thai Basil Noodles: This classic rice noodle entrée combines pasture-raised, grass-fed beef with bok choy & red bell peppers in a delicious tamarind & Thai Basil sauce.

Thai Red Curry Chicken: This is the best of Thailand in a single dish. Thai Red Chicken Curry is filled with an entire marketplace of wholesome ingredients from coconut milk, lemongrass, kaffir lime and red chili pepper with antibiotic-free chicken. The result is a complex, authentic and delicious flavor combination.   

Keeping in line with Saffron Road’s unmatched quality standards and socially responsible brand promise, both meals are made with premium authentic and responsibly-sourced ingredients like chicken raised without antibiotics or grass-fed beef and are free from anything artificial. They are both Halal and Gluten-Free certified. 

According to the annual Food and Health Survey from the International Food Information Council, the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed consumer spending and eating habits with about 60% of consumers reporting cooking and eating at home more often and an increased focus on healthy eating. Barclays analyst Karen Short recently stated that they predict up to $118 Billion in U.S. restaurant revenues will shift to consumer purchases of meals in grocery stores in the next 6 months. Saffron Road CEO Adnan Durrani predicts that we will see consumers’ interest in culinary exploration at home proliferate as the trend of families dining in continues well beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The pandemic has turned the culinary world upside down--and changed it forever the better, ushering in a new wave of consumer habits.  According to a recent report from Accenture, 77% of shoppers post-COVID said they will be opting for healthier, clean label meals, versus only 30% in December, 2019. That alone is a post-COVID game changer and harbinger of the new normal. Even as businesses reopen, people are continuing to cook at home using healthy ingredients, explore new tastes and demand higher quality at-home meals which has made Saffron Road’s global journey to inspire and connect people through better-for-you clean-label world cuisine more prominent than ever,” Durrani shares. “I believe Saffron Road’s world cuisines have the power to transport you, bring diverse cultures together and provide joy in difficult times. We’re thrilled to be able to deepen our ethnic offerings in the Asian epicurean segment and meet this demand with new and exciting flavor combinations and premium quality, more typically found in restaurants than the freezer case.” 

“Given the success of our dishes like Pad Thai and the growing popularity of Thai cuisine overall, now is the perfect time to round out our Thai portfolio,” says Jack Acree, Executive Vice President of Saffron Road. “According to SPINS NPI Index for the MULO channel, Saffron Road frozen entrée sales have increased 74.9% over the last 12 weeks ending 5/17/20, which is a 50% greater increase than any other NPI brand’s growth.”

Consumers will be able to find the two new entrées starting in August at Kroger and H-E-B for the suggested retail price $4.99. Saffron Road’s products are offered in more than 25,000 stores including Whole Foods Market, Walmart, Kroger, Target, Costco and more. 

 About Saffron Road

Saffron Road is a leading brand in the natural and organic food industry, offering a wide range of products from frozen entrées and shelf-stable meals to simmer sauces and plant-based protein snacks. All Saffron Road Products are Halal-certified by IFANCA and are available in more than 25,000 retail locations in the U.S. Saffron Road is a socially responsible brand on a mission of collective progress for the betterment of humanity, by inspiring, connecting and respecting global citizens through a shared love of ethical World Cuisines. With Saffron Road, explore international cuisines that combine bold flavors from around the world with high quality, wholesome ingredients which are better for the environment, better for the farmers, better for the animals, better for your health, and most all better tasting. Saffron Road. Journey to Better.