Millwood recently became the exclusive distributor of a uniquely designed pallet heat treat system. Millwood’s EZ-FLO Continuous Heat Treat System was created by Wiedemeier Wood Dryers.

The EZ-FLO Continuous Heat Treat System works via a continuously-flowing conveyor and can hold from seven to 14 stacks of 48’’x40’’ pallets at a time. Pallets inside the chamber are brought to ISPM-15 standard temperatures to eliminate pests. Pallet stacks automatically enter and exit the chamber during the treatment process.

Because of the continuous flow and smaller chamber size, EZ-FLO consumes significantly less energy per pallet than typical stationary batch-based heat treat systems with considerable reduction in treatment time. “We’re very excited to offer this new system,” said Rich Evick, director – engineered systems. “This will improve efficiency and save the customer in energy costs.”

The acquisition of this heat treatment system expands Millwood’s presence in the unit load processing industry. By supplying to the producers of pallets rather than the consumers of pallets, the company is also opening to an entirely new customer base.

Millwood already has expertise in automated packaging systems, and the EZ-FLO offers the opportunity to expand their expertise and product offerings. This new system provides a larger footprint in the wood product industry.

About Millwood
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