Ice Dreams frozen cocktail bars and Musart, the art-for-everybody boutique, come together during the summer with "The Grab and Freeze the Moment" online giveaway to make the premium lifestyle experience accessible to anyone. Ice Dreams fans can win pop artist Ottmar Hörl's internationally recognized colorful Victory Gnome.

Hörl's gnomes have gained legendary status internationally. In outdoor installations, the hundreds of gnomes are intended to be grabbed up by whoever wants them in keeping with the artist's idea that art belongs to anyone. In that grab-and-go moment, people connect with art, culture and with one another.

Embracing the idea of "we're in this together," Ice Dreams Poptails and Musart partner to illustrate one shared goal – in a world temporarily separated by social distance, Ice Dreams and Musart, exclusive U.S. distributor of pop artist Ottmar Hörl, are inviting consumers to Grab and Freeze the Moment.

"We're giving Ice Dreamers the chance to have their very own Hörl Gnome, flashing his peace and victory sign and showing the world his vibrant optimistic vision," said V. Gregoire, Musart founder and CEO.

Two Miami brands with a like-minded ethos, along with a national and international market reach. Ice Dreams and Musart share the same values.

"Both brands revive legacies – Ice Dreams the legacy of legendary cocktails and Musart of iconic artists – both with the authentic intent to create a premium lifestyle experience accessible to anyone," said V.Herrmann, Ice Dreams founder and CEO.

Ice Dreams and Musart want everyone to have the chance to be part of the mischievous joy of Hörl's creations, and of both companies' desire to inspire and delight even in the most uncertain of times.

About Ice Dreams 

Born out of the popular craft cocktail culture, the extremely cute 21+ boozy ice-pops brand revamps 4 legendary cocktails into signature frozen bars and bring a fancy new way to enjoy alcohol. Ice Dreams Poptails are already available in 11 states after only a five-month release.

About Musart 

The Musart boutique concept brings art and culture together at accessible prices. The brand vision is to perpetuate the legacy of iconic artists and share a passion for cultural heritage by partnering with artists foundations and first-class museums.