Red Boat’s Concentrated Nước Chấm now allows cooks to easily enjoy this staple of Vietnamese cooking by simply adding water to a flavorfully crafted concentrated mix. With Red Boat’s Nước Chấm, the brand is excited to finally share this family recipe with fans of Vietnamese cuisine both new and old.

“We wanted to create an instant version of nước chấm which would help home cooks get delicious Vietnamese food on the table quickly.  There’s nothing like this on the market right now. I was thrilled when Cuong wanted to pursue this next venture for Red Boat,” shares Diep Tran, Red Boat’s R&D Chef. “Nước chấm is a powerhouse in Vietnamese cuisine.  Whenever Vietnamese classics like spring rolls, rice noodle salads, and chargrilled meats and seafood are being served, you can be sure nước chấm will be on the table.  With Red Boat’s unparalleled fish sauce as the foundation of the condiment, we have created a distinct, high quality, flavorful sauce that now can be made instantly.”

With a blend of savory, sweet, and tangy notes, and a hint of chili heat, Red Boat’s new Concentrated Nước Chấm makes it easy to create this classic Vietnamese dipping sauce in an instant. Each box of Red Boat Concentrated Nước Chấm includes a 4-pack of their instant concentrate along with a recipe for Grilled Pork Chops and retails for $4.95 per box (or as a 2-pack online for $9.90).

“Growing up, cooking and family were our connection to our Vietnamese culture and we’re excited to share our family recipe for nước chấm with the world,” adds Tracy and Tiffany Pham, who both oversee sales and marketing at Red Boat Fish Sauce. “As second-generation Vietnamese Americans, we’ve seen fish sauce become a part of the American pantry.  We’re proud to create a new essential pantry product that will save time in the kitchen and help bring Vietnamese representation to store shelves across the country.”

Red Boat’s Concentrated Nước Chấm can be found at a number of Asian grocers in California, Oregon, Las Vegas, Washington, and Texas (current list below) and is now available online at

About Red Boat

Ever since moving to the United States, Cuong Pham was hungry to recreate the tastes and smells of his childhood in Saigon. But not even the vibrant Asian markets of San Francisco offered the intensely fragrant first-press fish sauce, nước mắm nhi, that Cuong remembered from Vietnam. In 2006, Cuong decided that if he couldn't find it, he would make it — and started Red Boat Fish Sauce. Returning to Vietnam, Cuong expanded a small, family-run facility on the island of Phú Quốc. With its clear waters and traditional fishing communities, Phú Quốc has long been renowned for producing the world's greatest fish sauces. Cuong partnered with expert fishermen and used a centuries-old fermentation tradition. Today, the Red Boat brand is stronger than ever. In an era where transparency, traceability, and sustainability reign supreme, Red Boat is just as committed to quality ingredients and its time-honored fermentation tradition as the day it was founded. That means no additives, no preservatives, and no flavor enhancers. Just the purest fish sauce on earth.